Big Project, Car Audio switch system, Help much appreciated.

Hi everyone, new to all of this but i have an idea just need help to achieve the end result.


My project is based around car audio.

Usually in a car audio build the amplifiers and a few other accessories are turned on and off via a physical switch breaking the remote wire to the amps. This switch gives me the freedom to turn the subwoofers off if i have had enough of them for a while or given myself a headache.

what i would like to do is use a arduino touch screen system to replace the physical switch.

i currently have an arduino mega 2560 with a mcufriend 3.5" tftlcd ili9488 touch screen. i also have a 16 relay board made for arduino that i found on ebay.

I really like the JOS system that i found on youtube, i would love to take the principal of that system and take it to the next level.

I would like the touch screen to show a range of menu options that would open sub menus that i can then turn different relays on and off. I am looking to have the option to turn on and off various amplifiers, lights and a few other little bits. i would also like the unit to be able to supply me with a voltage readout in one of the sub menus.

Basically i need help as i am completely rookie. I would be willing to pay someone to all the code and make this happen for me.

Please get in touch if anyone feels like helping me out and taking on this project.

Thanks in advance for any help.

personally for your project i wouldn't use just a Arduino as getting all that on a single board might be very slow.
I would recommend a Raspberry pi micro computer running raspian.

using the Pi with the ardunio is pretty simple too. I can send you some code for the raspberry pi that will initialise a display and create a web server that the display uses the render out an GUI. then you can use simple HTML and javascript to design your display.

From that point you only have to figure out what you want your system to do and use basic text to preform those tasks.

To break that down a bit, you create a webpage with some buttons which send text to a URL
Then you send that text over serial connection to the Arduino
You read the Text on the Arduino and choose what to do with it.

The same can also be done in reverse, so reading text form the Arduino and using it in your webpage. (this can be used to make a volt meter or figure out the state of those relays you have (which i also have code for)

Also non of this needs an internet connection as it just uses internal web servers.

im not sure which JOS system you are refering to so if you can send a link i can have a look and see if i can figure out more for you.

hi thank you for your reply. i have sent you a dm.