Bigger RGB matrix

Good afternoon everyone. I hope everyone are fine and doing well.

I am Bharath S. I am studying electronics engineering.

I am currently working in scoreboard project for my ground. I want to make bigger scoreboard. Approximately 100cm width and 50 cm height. I saw many tutorials in adafruit but every tutorial is only for smaller matrices.

In order to make large display board( 100cm width X 50cm height), what type of microcontroller we need to use? Is Adafruit Matrix portal enough to build this much larger board?

Thanks in advance🙏.

The size of the dashboard is not so important. It is more important what LEDs (smart or ordinary) you use and how many. Depends on whether any animations and / or effects will be used. If you are going to use regular LEDs and only show large 7 segment numbers, an Arduino Nano may be enough. However, you will also need a suitable power supply because many LEDs need a lot of power. You have not specified what exactly you will do and I'm just guessing.

Thanks for your valuable information and reply.

Here I am using 32x32 RGB matrix matrix from Adafruit. I am going to construct large matrix by cascading 8 32x32 RGB matrix in horizontal and 4 32x32 RGB matrix in vertical. So total of 32 matrices. And also I am going to display text with scrolling effect, displaying images and gifs as well.

So I am really confused to choose microcontroller to use. Please help me out with this.

32 * 32 * 32 * 3 / 1024 = 96K of RAM just for the single frame buffer, so you should have a good bit more.

32 * 4A = 128A @ 5V

You can use those requirements to search for uController power supply cantidates. Fortunately you can use multiple power supplies but I would recommend a single uController with enough ram to handle the job.

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