Biggest screens for Arduino Uno running very limited image display sketch

So I'm working on an art project that requires what are basically a number of glorified digital picture frames. I've successfully built a number of small versions of these in the past using an uno and a 3.5" tft display, which display and rotate through a number of images at slow refresh rates.

Keeping in mind that all I need is for the uno to display a slideshow to a screen, and that slow refresh rates are not really an issue (drawing one line at a time to change the picture looks interesting in the context of this installation), how big can I go? I ideally would like to use a variety of sizes, but I'm a little confused about whether for example, I could get away with using one of these 7" TFT displays, and how I would go about attaching it to the Uno/ whether any libraries currently exist to do so.

Link to 7" TFT display:

Ive read here about the issues with how limited a large display would be, however in this case the application is limited as well so I'm hoping it will be fine for my purpose. Any thoughts to how possible this is/how slow refresh we are talking?

Somewhere the origin of the pictures must reside. Using an UNO I would look for either an SD-card containing the pictures or some kind of wireless supply of the pixels.