bike crank powermeter with ant+ transmitter using NRF24AP2 and arduino pro mini,

im trying to make this powermeter for my bike.. it uses the strain sensors to measure the torque and i have a hall sensor to measure the rpm to get the power.. this part i have done and tested using bluetooth but i want this to connect to my garmin using ant+ so that all the data is at one place and is synced to strava.

but i am not able to understand how to do it like how to even start.. there is not much information on this... there were 2 libraries that i found on ant+ GitHub - brodykenrick/ANTPlus_Arduino: ANT+ (Nordic nRF24AP2) UART interface for Arduino but these were for the receivers to display the information from the sensor.. and im not really that good with this... i just know basics so it would be great if anyone can help me ty.

I don't know anything about ANT+ so if you have everything else working I doubt if I can help.

However I think it would be useful to provide more explanation of all the parts you are using and how they relate to each other and communicate with each other.


Look into a gear tooth counter instead of the Hall. You could count teeth on the big chainring and get torque x rev fraction for what, 62 teeth (can't remember) for a closer approximation of power.

Build something where cranking lifts the bike and rider straight up, you won't need to measure torque.
Other way is to generate electricity, perhaps harness a set of rollers but then rollers do resist turning.