Binary compiled code size vary

I found problem version 0016 complied code size some time too big some time just half. (Just 2-3 line code changed).

Any body can advise?. what is problem.

Well it’s not the number of statements added/deleted so much as what those statements do. If you could post two programs showing the different statemensts then maybe the software wizards here could explain the differences in memory usage between them.


The problem not have pattern. I think source code is not issue. Because some time i just open other sketch then compiled and then open the previous sketch then just recompile the binary code size changed from 8 to 4k. But i don't know why???? However i will try to monitor and let know again if i found pattern.

this is possibly due to the change made in 0013

  • Omitting unused functions from compiled sketches, reducing their size.

actually it would be nice to include a switch command to turn this off,