Binary Sketch Size not changing?


I've been able to get some help from the forum and the site on a number of other things and I thank you guys for your support of the Arduino.

Also, thanks in advance for your help in this particular issue:

I'm writing a program and at different stages, I fix errors that were found and compile the program but the problem is that it seems the Binary Sketch Size does not change. Even though I've so far written about 200 lines and I'm using some functions of the Math library and quite a number of doubles, it still says the Sketch is just "1804 bytes (of a 30720 byte maximum). [I'm using the Atmege328].

It seems to me there is something wrong going on. What could it be? I don't see how a program like BlinkWithoutDelay of just 43 lines would take 2306 bytes and mine would take less space?

I hope I can get some help. Thank you!

If your sketch never calls a function, then the linker throws it out. Maybe you're writing a lot of new features, but never call the features in any ISR, setup() or loop()?

Thanks a lot. You are right. I had commented out the 1 statement in my loop() when I was debugging the code. Thanks again!