Bioacoustic project: recoding of bird-songs and calls

good day dear Ardunio-experts,

first of all;: i hope that you are all right and all goes well at your site: I hope that all of you are dealing well with the pandemic situation.

i am currently planning a bioacoustic project: recoding of bird-songs and calls and comparison - with some references (that are stored in a reference-db)

i want to do some nature recordings: what is planned; to record bird songs and calls

project: record birds and analyze it

i want to record snippets of song and store them on a hdd in order to get more out of it:;

in other words: it is aimed to analyze it:

well yes analysis as a first step: and compare it with a database:

i want to record some chirping and want to get a overview of the birds in the garden
the recording and the analying shoud help me to tell what kind of bird is here.

My main subject is to

a. identify the birds
b. get a overview on the birds that are here

well: we talk here about a PAM-System: ‘passive acoustic monitoring’ (PAM) system - the help here and they are suitable for ornithological research. A more or less typical PAM system consits of a microphone, a simple and robust computer, a kind of a memory card and a good battery that is enclosed in a weatherproof case.

  • that said: i for one want to use Arduino - i hope that i can do the recording and of course also the comparison of the recorded and a reference-call - in order to identify the birds...

but - at the moment - i do not know how to start. i guess that i need a reference - to get an overview and to compare the voices that i have recorded.

This is a great project for a much more powerful computer, such as found on an iPad, Android or other programmable smart phone. I've seen bat detectors in action on an iPad and would not be surprised if there is already an app for birds.

Edit: I checked and indeed there is:

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hello dear Jremington - many many thanks for the quick reply and your great hints.


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