Biofeedback Project

Hello everyone,

I'm a total beginner and hope to be not of any disturbance for anyone. I merely had one lecture on Arduino but that was more of a fail. At least I once set up an arduino with a touch sensitive foil to control the pitch of a coded sound in supercollider.

Now as to my project I had the idea of connecting a pulse meter to a cuircuit board with an arduino. This pulse metere should measure my pulse, take this value for instance 80 and according to this value alter a picture of a heart. My idea: the higher the pulse the more distorted should this picture/ photo be.

Another idea was to have an animation of a beating heart that goes along with my own pulse. But I'm sure this is more tricky.

So all I'm asking for now is how to a start? I should have everything here what I needed: Arduino, cable, resistors, Arduino software. The pulse meter is on its way and will soon arrive.

Another question would be the secondary program for displaying a picture or photo of a heart. Could that be done with maxMSP?

So I hope I could make myself understandable and you're willing to give me head start :-).

Thank you


Animated images require more memory than provided by the 8 bit Arduinos. For such feedback you're better off with a RasPi or similar computer.