Biometric FIngerprint sensor With SFG DEM0 2.0 - Problem Solved

For anyone attempting to work with the Adafruit Fingerprint Scanner or compatible device, you may run into an issue with the SFGdemo.exe software to enroll fingerprints.

When trying to connect the software to the device through Arduino you may get a message "Open device fail..."

It appears the hardware or software is fussy when it comes to which COM ports to use. It needs to be com ports between 3 and 9 as far as I can tell. If these ports are in use in Windows 10, as mine where, you will need to make them available:

Open device manager
View: Show hidden devices
Select Ports(COM and LPT)
Remove devices on necessary ports (COM ports 3-9) by right clicking and uninstall device.

What you will probably find is that several ports are taken up by Arduino devices when they have been allocated COM ports in the past.

I hope this helps someone, I spent 2 hours searching before I discovered this.