Biometric Lock

I have the code for a bio metric - keypad door lock. I connected the LCD and the fingerprint sensor but the problem is when it tells me to scan my finger the fingerprint sensor flashes a green light then stops while the light is supposed to stay on so it can scan then move the servo. I have had no trouble enrolling the fingerprint as it works perfectly it only stops working properly when i use it for the bio metric lock code.

is it possible that the problem is that i didnt connect the keypad yet.

Ill attach the ino file below

please tell me if you would like to see a video to further explain.

thanks :smiley:

DOOR_UNLOCK.ino (7.11 KB)

Would it not be wise to post a link to the product page or data sheet of the sensor?

Perhaps you could read the sensor operating instructions, and have your answer, without waiting for one from this forum.