Biopolar supply

Guys, i need a help with something.

I need to make a test rig.
The input is 24V.
I need 3x adjustable output voltage ranging from -10V to +10V <1A

Can you guys please suggest some solution??

Thanks for any help.

Better ask in an electronics forum.


Ok ill try electronics

Larry, its not quite what im after.
your suggestion is 120vac.
i have 24dc already, the machinery i need to test accept voltage -10v to +10v.
i'm not sure how it works but both lines positive and negative are connected to pot lines number 1 and 3 and the pin 2 outputs the desire settable voltage from -10 to +10

You can pick one here

If you use a DC-DC converter, you'll need to follow it with adjustable voltage regulators.

A DC-DC converter with isolated outputs can be used for positive or negative voltage. (Just ground the +output and use the -output as your - supply.)

For +10V you can just use an adjustable regulator, but with 24V in and 1A out you'll need a switching regulator. (A linear regulator would generate too much heat at 1A with 14V dropped across it.).

If you don't want to buy a DC-DC converter, you can look for an inverting switching regulator chip for you adjustable -10V output.


Hi, what is your electronics, hardware experience?

The bit of machinery, what is it?
If it is to input to an industrial controller, does it already have +10V and -10V supply terminals for you to use.

Tom...... :slight_smile: