Bipolar Analog Input

Hello Is there any product can support +- 5 volt analog signal? As far as I know that arduino is not supporting bipolar analog signals.

It's called an "op amp". If you want ±5 V out, you have to provide ±5 V supplies for it.

If your input signal is well-behaved - that is, if it sincerely promises to remain between -5V and 5V, and it doesn’t have any unruly transients - you can do it with a simple voltage divider connected between the input signal and the 5V supply. Here it is in ASCII art:

          R            R5
    |             ^             |
  +               |              +
 V                Vi              5V
  -                              -
    |                           |

where V is the input voltage from the +/-5V source, and Vi is the analog input. To get 0V when the input is -5V, and 5V when the input is 5V, the necessary condition is that R and R5 are equal. You’d select that value to keep the current low, and still provide an adequately low impedance for the analog input.

Naturally, if the input is more chaotic - say, it’s from some kind of industrial process, and runs through an electrically noisy envoronment - you’ll want to do something more heroic to protect the input from voltage transients.