bipolar linear hall effect sensor choice

I’m doing a project where I use Hall effect sensor as a proximity meter.

Using to (electro)magnets opposing each other to know a certain data when their in rest or in active state? The states between 2 (electro)magnets are then : 1-1, 1-0,0-1,0-0 or S-S, S-N, N-S, N-N.

But my arduino should get the data from the hall sensor between the magnets and give a digital or analog input that I can then reroute to MAX/MSP.

The sensors I’ve bought aren’t really good I guess because the value isn’t significant much.

The type I have is the US5881LUA => info this is unipolar, and I would like to have a bipolar one, or a way to get both sides of the magnetic poles that it gets from the 2 magnets.


1.Is there a more accurate sensor on the market.
2.Do I have to use an other type of sensor for this.
3.Is this project possible in theory.
4.Did anybody try to read the data from it to an arduino and do this want to share their experience.

main goal:

I’m hoping that when N-S or S-N the magnets will ‘smash’ to each other. When that happens I want the magnet to sense the magnitude or magnetic current in the air of both of them. So when N-N or S-S is a state the magnets revoke each other and then the sensor will sense on each side the opposite magnetic field and that value it gets from the magnet should be processed thru arduino.

nice drawing of my interpretation ^^