Bipolar stepper and 4 npn transistors

Hi guys

Is it possible to run a bipolar stepper (just for testing) with 4 npn transistors(IRF540)?

Sorry this is my first time working with steppers

it is a M35SP-11HPK stepper with 8 ohm windings At the moment just to test it quickly i hooked it up directly to my arduino, Ive got it to turn but it hardly has any torque probably due to the low currect the arduino can supply.


An IRF540 is a MOS FET not a NPN transistor. 4 wire steppers need bipolar operation. These motors need source and sink, NPN/PNP or N-MOSFET/P-MOSFET

Also the IRF540 is not a logic MOS FET,

You probably could. But why? What would you be testing?

Unless you have broken it there is a good possibility that the motor works. And a specialized stepper motor driver has a lot more features than a few transistors or MOSFETs. And they are not very expensive unless your motor needs more than about 1.5 to 2 amps per coil.

...R Stepper Motor Basics

As Larry says, you need push-pull drive on each end of each coil with a bi-polar stepper. (2 H-bridges)

Only a uni-polar stepper can be driven by 4 low-side drivers, because each coil has a centre-tap connected to +V, and the coil ends only need pulling to ground.