Bird Repellent using arduino / ultrasonic

I really need help on making a bird repellent using arduino / ultrasonic. I have been searching for almost a week I still don't have an answer on how to make this one. This is a assigned project of mine that I should create. Thank you.

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What is so alluring about the Introductory Tutorials section?

I tried using the words "ultrasonic bird repellent device schematic" in an internet search engine. I found some schematics and from those I can see how using a MCU one could be built. I did not find any off the shelf MCU way, I just did a 2 minute search, of doing the thing. Good luck.

It is the first in the list. It is much too hard to actually look for a compatible section just as it is so very hard to find the forum guidelines.

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I have to wonder what part an Arduino will play in your project?
Do you have any idea about the ultrasonic frequencies you will need to create or the volume level need to repel birds? Without that basic information, we are all at a loss as to how to help.

Maybe you could get a few of those ultrasonic levitator kits, and immobilise the birds mid-air.

Which bird/s?
Are you sure they can hear ultrasonic?

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That is a great link to read for a real bird-watcher!
Thanks, Paul

I m a newbie in arduino, I don't know anything yet. The frequency needed is 15KHz - 29KHz

I think it will work if we use using PIR sensor to detect the bird

BUT, If birds don't hear that sound, what then?
What is the range of your PIR sensor?
Why nor use water spray on the birds? That will work for ALL birds?
Actually, I use a wind dancer to keep birds away from my berries. Very, very effective!

Are you going to sense a bird or anything that triggers the PIR sensor will be considered a bird?

If you are going to detect a bird, you may want to consider Machine Learning as a way to detect a bird.

Presumably your assignment will be evaluated, not on its effectiveness at scaring away birds, but whether the system can detect something like a PIR sensor being triggered and the ability to generate a signal for an ultrasonic transducer.

Select the components:
Arduino, PIR, transducer.

Design code, initially to operate each device, as a test, then join it all together.

Are there any special requirements mentioned in the assignment such as for how long, after the initial detection of the “bird”, the transducer should operate or if the project intended to be battery powered etc.

A more realistic use of the built device would be to scare away cats.

Is it supposed to actually repel birds?
If you actually do get something that scares birds away (without causing other environmental problems like 150dBm sound), there is a billion dollar market waiting for you. Airports have for decades tried to keep birds away from runways and the only solution is still an air cannon or people with starter pistols.

Even bigger market in agriculture. Birds cause billions in crop damage each year. They use propane cannons right now.
Of course the OP's project is just for a single bird.

There is no special requirement, as long as the project is working. The goal is just to create a bird repellent using arduino.

Therein lies the problem....... define "working". :upside_down_face:

I already found an circuit diagram for this project. A PIR motion sensor connected to the arduino board then a connected relay module and 7805 and the output transducer. I know the connection but I don't know how to make the design work.

Try this search term: ultrasonic cat repeller circuit diagram

I think my only problem now is the coding and testing?