Bit Banging I2C...because I can?

I want to have a go at bit banging my own I2C particular the TSL2561 light sensor.

Now, I have read the datasheet and come up with a "plan" as such...does this sound like the actual way to read the 4 bytes from registers C->F?

Assume TSL2561 on Slave Address I2C - 0x29h = 0b101001

I have placed a comment in my code here where I am a bit unsure if I have done something right...the requesting the command register to somehow get me a block read of the 4 bytes (with ACK bits between...).

1. Start signal (CLK High -> SDA goes High to Low);

2. 7 bits for device address: 0b101001 one bit for WRITE 0b0; = 1 total byte to tell slave TSL2561 is to have a byte written to it.

3. Check for NACK bit (0b1) -> If present....throw an error. Else, continue.

4. Send to register address (Control register = 0h = 0b00000000) a byte to power up (03h) = 0b00000011.

5. Send stop signal (CLK HIGH -> SDA goes LOW->HIGH)

6. Now the unit is powered the bytes in the data registers...(Figure 16 in data sheet)

7. Start signal (CLK High -> SDA goes High to Low);

8. 7bit slave address + 1 write bit (0b1010010) 

9. Check for NACK and abort if present.

10. STUCK HERE? What do I want to to do to fetch the bytes from the data registers??? The command register instructions are a bit confusing :(...

I am assuming this bit of text says you send the command code 9Bh and then things automatically happen and I end up with my 4 bytes from the register Ch to Fh?

11. Wait for the bytes and then send a STOP signal.

Bit bang I2C : It is already in the Library Manager (in the Arduino IDE, open the Library Manager and search for that library).

Start with a good library and the hardware I2C bus. For example the Adafruit library. If that is working well, add the SoftwareWire object myWire and replace 'Wire' with 'myWire'.