bit handling [solved] by Grumpy mike and Awol

"Microcontroller: fewer op- codes, more
bit handling Instructions"

here what is mean by bit handling mechanism

Simple instructions for operating on single bits, like in an output or data-direction register.

in micro controller we if we try to wanna make some thing work we just give "1",this is simple.but in that statement it is said more bit handling mechanism.what that meant.thank you in advance

I'm sorry, I don't understand your question.

Microcontroller: fewer op- codes, more
bit handling Instructions

what this mean "more
bit handling Instructions"and few op codes.i am new to this explain me basically.please.thank you

Give us a link to what you are reading.
| is an inclusive or operation
& is a bit wise AND operation
^ is a bit wise exclusive or operation
~ is a byte wide invert

That is all the bit mode operations there are.

Microcontroller: fewer op- codes,

Relative to what?

On a microcontroller, often you're less interesting in byte-wide (or wider) operations on data than you would be on a desktop, you're more interested in waggling single bits in output registers to turn LEDs on or off and similar operations, so the instruction set is biased more towards efficient operations on bits.

thank you for all who came forward.i understand little from all your answers.but not still clear.this may be due to lack of basic concepts.anyway thank you for all
have a nice day

Try reading this:-

this page is good thanks u for assisting.but one thing i cant find how do u get that page.its is not Learning->playground->?.where did you manually went through that page instead of copy pasting that code.please help me thank you

one thing i cant find how do u get that page

Simple, it is Google
Search for:-
Arduino bit manipulation

thank you all