Bit maskin-shift help

Hi guys, for a MIDI project I am working on (arduino DUE MIDI looper, that i will publish soon on instructables) I am in the need to verify if a number is higher than dec 16.
In my previous life, I would simply subtract "16" and see if the result is positive or negative, but I am fascinated by bitwise operators and I am trying to solve this that way.
Any hint? How to you find out the right mask (and shift eventually) to solve a problem like this?
Thanks in advance!

Try this for starters

void setup()
  for (byte testByte = 0; testByte < 32; testByte++)
    if (testByte & 0b11110000)
      Serial.println(" is 16 or more");
      Serial.println(" is less than 16");
void loop()

Thank you!
This works up to 15 giving me "0", but I can manage it.
Let me take advantage from your disponibility: how to sum "16" to a variable from 1 to 16?
I mean how the following operations can be bitwised?

Thank you very much: I learn something new every time I post here!

I am not entirely clear what you want to do, but if your variable has a value between 0 and 15 then doing this

  for (byte theByte = 0; theByte < 16; theByte++)
    byte theResult = theByte | 0b00010000;

will add 16 to it