Bitdefender mark as infected Arduino_Create_Bridge.exe with Gen:Trojan.Heur.Hype

I try to install Arduino Agent and my bitdefender block your file Arduino_Create_Bridge.exe Virus name Gen:Trojan.Heur.Hype.@@Z@a82K5!d

Help please.

Hello, we are in contact with Bitdefender to try fixing the issue. If you can please identify the app as white listed this way:

Open bitdefender -> view modules -> antivirus -> exclusions

And please put this link if asked:

Thank you,


It's 4-10-2018 and this still shows as a virus in Symantec/Norton.

It is a "false positive" Both bitdefender and at least three others identify a common component that is benign.

A lot of the more "common" security software is simply not set up for use in a "programming" environment where people write code (simply put).

Most try to cover too broad a spectrum of threats and this type of work is put on the edge of that spectrum.