Bitlash 1.0 (RC2) is available at

The RC2 version of Bitlash 1.0 is available for download at

Bitlash is a development and prototyping tool for those situations where you need to bang some bits on the Arduino but writing a sketch in C is premature. The Bitlash command language is very similar to Arduino C and includes a large repertiore of the familiar Arduino C functions so you can hack your hardware from the serial command line or even over the internet via telnet.

You can store command sequences in EEPROM and autostart them at bootup, making the automation and maintenance of small applications very easy.

This version contains a bug fix to restore proper handling of escaped characters in string constants. Hat tip to the crew at Rugged Circuits for finding it. You should take a look at their very nice GATOR Plus+ board, which runs Bitlash.

The download is here:

A .pdf file with the documentation is here:



thanks for the heads up :) I'll have to update now XD

I hope the update is painless for you. It should be, anyhow.



thnx : it wil have to wait till i dig out my pocket tv and get all my chips together so i can organize my projects better XD

i been using the same 2 boards for testing stuff at the moment and its getting tiring swapping and changing sketches XD

i need to make a chip dedicated to bitlash and get another dedicated to the telemate im messing with :)

I also gotta finish my ultra compact arduino (one built on the chip itself ;) )