Bitlash 2.0 - Run script from SD Card - RC3 available for download

Bitlash 2.0 - Run script from SD Card - RC3 available for download

Download the update at

I'm making an early version of Bitlash with SD Card support available for testing and use by people who can tolerate the early state of the code and the documentation. I'm hoping to get feedback on how it works, and on some of the open issues.

Here's the big news: This version runs Bitlash functions from an SD Card file system. EEPROM space is no longer a limiting factor for Bitlash applications.

You can invoke a file function by mentioning the filename from the command line or from any other function (in EEPROM or a user function) as usual.

You can pass arguments to the function using the arg(n) mechanism from the earlier beta. And those arguments can now be string arguments, too:

printf("The time is %u\n", millis)

(And there's printf()...)

Functions in files can use functions in other files, which in turn can use functions defined interchangeably with scripts from EEPROM.

These file system functions are included in the bitlashsd demo; they provide bare bones support for building file-based applications in Bitlash, or just messing around from the command line:

dir exists("filename") del("filename") create("filename", "first line\nsecondline\n") append("filename", "another line\n") type("filename") cd("dirname") md("dirname")

You can write to the SD card, too, using fprintf():

fprintf("mylog.dat", "The time is %u\n", millis)

I'm looking for feedback on bugs and problems, irritations and the language design, and hardware combinations that work or don't.

Please note: SD Card support requires the SdFatBeta library by William Greiman. You need to install this library, as well as Bitlash. Instructions in the README.

Thanks for your time. Download at the link below.



hey, today i was reading about the bitlash and i was trying to do something like you said, run scripts from sd card, where i can found that? you have that code?