bitlash and rcswitch library

i'm just on the start with a new project and need some help.

I was thinking of using an 433mhz receiver/transmitter by usage of the rcswitch library on a arduino UNO with ethernetshield/sd-card.
I'd like to execute an bitlash code from the sd-card corresponding to the received code (so if i receive 5531 i'd like to execute a script with that name, if it exists)
rcswitch uses an interrupt that really often fires. will this cause problems with bitlash?

.) Can this be done or are there any problems i'm going to expierience with that?
.) are there any disadvantages by reading from sd card often?

thanks for any advice with that.

Cool project. The interrupts shouldn't have any effect on Bitlash except to slow it down a wee bit. So you should be okay. Same for reading from the SD card.

Good luck with your project,