black bars on new esplora tft screen

I got a new esplora with TFT screen (both official Arduino brands). I plugged the screen in, loaded up some sample sketches, and found that there are black bars that run horizontally across the screen. How do I fix this? Is this a hardware problem or a software problem? Thank you very much for the help!


Further symptoms include the sketches working fine besides the bars being there. color of the bars cannot be changed, using newest version of Arduino IDE

Is there an adjustment for the backlight? It is probably not set properly.


Pete: I don't believe so. When it is first plugged in before whatever loaded sketch can initialize the screen is white. When the program runs (at the moment it's the color picker sketch) the bars appear. I suppose it's possible that a backlight error appears after initialization but I'm not sure how to prove that.

Trying to upload video clips with my phone, but that seems to be very uncooperative at the moment

The diagram here shows a pin labelled BL. Just wondering if it is BackLight. If not, I'm outta ideas.


Pinout matches my TFT board. Also I played around with the given code sample on the link, that sketch produces the black bars as well. Well thanks for the help anyway Pete

After some research and some tinkering around I found this article:

I'm trying this information out. If it's as simple as upgrading to the next best Arduino release I'll kick myself. I never usually leap for Betas, I always stick with a slightly older confirmed stable release of open source programs

Confirmed this fix works! WOOOOO!