Blackberry Bluetooth and Arduino.

Is there a way to connect the bluetooth device to the arduino and allow it to receive data from a blackberry curve? I know nothing about blue tooth but am not terrible at C.

What do i need and has anyone done this before and wrote about it?



Is there a way to connect the bluetooth device to the arduino

Well, there's duct tape. A check of google reveals that there is not "the bluetooth device". Rather, there are about a bazillion bluetooth devices. Which one do you want to connect to the Arduino? Which Arduino do you want to connect it to?

A popular approach to Bluettoth on the Arduino is to get a Bluesmirf module, and connect it up like this:

Its a lot cheaper than an ArduinoBT.

I also got a BT module not attached to a base board for about $10 off eBay to work ok. Although soldering to the tiny connectors was tricky. But you can also find BT modules already on a base board with level conversion (like the Bluesmirf) on eBay.

I think this might help you.
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You don't have to really know any C other than a few serial read/write/print commands, and I believe all your problems are at the Blackberry end.

Does it have a bluetooth data transfer facility? ie. some sort of terminal app.
Will it transfer the sort of data you want to transfer?

If yes to both, you can be pretty sure you can connect to Arduino using a standard HC-05 bluetooth module, and it will be OK. This will cost you about $3-50.