Blackboard Sparkfun energy consumption in normal mode

Hi! everyone!
I am asking if any of you knows the normal mode energy consumption of the Blackboard Sparkfun.
It is and Arduino uno . I did not find it . SparkFun BlackBoard C - SPX-16282 - SparkFun Electronics
Thank you. Bye

What do you mean by normal mode? Power consumption largely depends on what you attach to the micro controller.

Yes. I know. But supposing that there is nothing attached to the board , what will be the normal consumption of this Blackboard in normal mode ? Normal mode is not sleep mode of course. Thank and Bye

I don't know. An official Uno powered through the barrel jack is limited to ~150mA because of the lack of heat sinking on the voltage regulator. Some of that is used to run the Uno itself, what remains runs whatever peripherals you have connected.

So purely guessing, I'd expect that such an Uno is consuming less than 50mA, maybe substantially less. I'd expect the Blackboard to be similar, even though it can pull 2A through the USB connection.

This info is not contained in datasheet.

Power consumption will be essentially the same as the Uno. The major difference is the use of the CH340 as the interface, and you can look up that part.

Educated guess, about 50mA.

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