Blank chip & Parallel programmer help..

Hey gang-

this is my first step into the Arduino world.. and as I was ordering some other stuff form Mouser.. ran across this instructable:

so I ordered the BOM list (a few extra bucks) along with my order.

I set-it up on my breadboard (instead of a perfboard set-up for now)

The chips come blank (no bootloader)

I have read that Parallel programmers can be used to FLASH the bootloader to the chip.

found here:

I made that 'programmer'.. (with correct suggested resistors)

Now before anyone mentions..yes it would be EASIER/FASTER to buy a dedicated programmer for flashing the bootloader to blank Atmel chips (no argument).. or better yet.. just getting a true Arduino Due. and use that to flash BOTH bootloader to blank chips..and upload new sketches. (I was told it can be used for both).... but currently do NOT have one (will order it soon, once I gather other stuff I need to order with it).. but in the MEAN TIME.. I am looking to get up and running if possible.

I have same set-up as linked to above.. and made the same parallel programmer..

I DL'd 'giveio'.. and ran both the bat and .exe files I DL'd the Arduino IDE and installed it..

Do I need to install ANYTHING else? Drivers? patches? (which I did one for XP LPT1 port poling problem I think)

such as: WinAVR or anything?

but when I choose board.. then burn bootloader from menu I get this:

avrdude: can't open device "giveio"

avrdude: failed to open parallel port "lpt1"

which I have searched for.. but didnt really find any answers to fix this? or int out what I cold be doing wrong? (Im not above errors) ;)

this is the pinout I have from my programmer to my Arduino chip/breadboard

PP ATMEL (pinout) 1 - 19 2 - 17 11 - 18 16 - 1 18 - GND on breadboard

and again..the Chip itself is setup with crystal caps GND/power as shown in the original tut linked to.

if anyone has some time to help this first timer out.. Id appreciate it.

the ICSP and FDTI stuff gets me confused abit ..

ISP is for bootloader? and FDTI is or sketch uploading? (is this correct?)

Is the pinout different for BOTH 'hook-ups'?

Id like to add a quick header/point of entry for BOTH on my breadboard so I understand it.

Anyways.. anyone who can help get me going.. thanks

update: even using something other than the Arduino IDE with this parallel programmer would be ok.



I also have some Atmel 2313 & Max232 chips available if that would help in making some sort of DIY AVR programmer?