Blank LCD

I have been trouble shooting this all night and it got me stumped. Arduino Mega with a standard 2 line LCD display. I can’t get anything but a blank screen.

I have redone the soldering on the header 3 times
rewired a couple of time to check pins
used different wires

Back light does work
Contrast control works

Here is something funny. If I run my own program I made I can get the black boxes to show up on the top row. If I run the “Hello World” demo project I can’t get the boxes to show up at all.

I double checked and the pin address are the same in both programs

Any ideas?

Just wanted to update that I figured it out. Know your bread board, I assumed that the top and bottom row were continuous for power and ground. They are not, they are broke into 5 pin segments !! Oh well live and learn. On a happy note the first program I have ever wrote is working great and running, not I have to make an actual board for it.