BLDC ESC without all of the RC nonsense

I have a project where I want to use an ESC (cost, etc) but want to use a 12 volt power supply to drive the circuit. However, I don't want all of the arming, battery attach nonsense that comes with an esc. Do such controllers exist? Or do I need to build my own?

Currently I'm using a 360 watt, 12 volt power supply with a HobbyKing 40A sbec esc, and a uno with servo libraries.



I think the firmware for the ESCs (at least some of them) is open-source.

So you can modify as needed and re-flash an ESC.

Yes, I've seen the blue hole people say there's is open source. I've also checked out the 'kiss' stuff but they say that there Regen braking can damage a power supply.

So don't put regen braking into the ESC code when you modify it. Simple.

Yes, if I go to that level of effort I will leave that out.