BLDC Motor & Making speed drive

I want to make a speed driver for BLDC Motor that has 14 poles.I want to control the speed of motor under nominal speed. I mean under 12000 rpm.My input voltage is about 70 volts DC, the power I need is about 400 watts. Also my BLDC Motor has 3 sensors to find the position of rotor.Block ِDiagram of my circuit is the same as below picture.I don’t know how to start, because this is my first experience of making BLDC drive, should I simulate it first by matlab or… .I am totally confused.If somebody could help me, I’ll be very thank you.

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Can I find any simulation file for Matlab?I mean where?Very thank you.

You mean like this one?

You mean like this one?

Actually because I want to make one of this, this is not a good model.tnx.