BLDC motor with hall sensor - Position Control

Hi, I am building my first Arduino project (robotic arm) and would be really grateful for some advice:

I want to set up position control with a Maxon BLDC motor with hall sensor, see picture:

What components do I need and how do I connect them to control the motor and read the encoder?
Currently I have an Intel Galileo but I'd be willing to buy any modules required.

Thanks a lot!

I want to set up position control with a Maxon BLDC motor with hall sensor, see picture:

I don't see any picture, but, even if I did, a picture is useless. Post links to the devices in question, instead.

Hi, thanks for the pic, but can you resize any more to about 1/4 of this.
We need to know the model number to be able to help you, also what application do you want to use it in.
This ifo will help us help you in the quickest and most informative way.

Hope to help.

Tom...... :slight_smile:

The model number is maxon motor 320132 encoder 707780.
I cannot find the spec sheets for it unfortunately.

I was just wondering what the best (most simple) way is to drive this kind of BLDC motor (regardless of the exact specs) with an Arduino. What about an ESC?

And how do I read the hall sensor? Is there a motor control board that does both?

Thanks for your help guys.


use the contact button at maxon and ask for the specs, I see that they are common on ebay but as you say there part number does ot register with the maxon site, they are possibly liquidated stock, a product specially made for a manufacturer, hence not a normal maxon product.

Tom.... :slight_smile:

Here are the motor specs:

Again, I am looking for a bldc motor controller.

I found these for brushed DC motors.

Is there something similar to that for BLDC motors?


did happen to connect this DC motor? please could you post the picture?