Bldc Printer Motor with on board controller

Hi, new to programming and have retrieved some bldc 3-phase sensored? Motors (see pics) from HP printers
Can’t find any info on whether these can be run straight from arduino (because they have their own speed controller??) and if you can give tips on where to start.

The one on the left has wires Ro pins Vmm, Vmm,Vmm,FG,DEC,ACC,REV,GND,GND and the one on the right has 7 wires to an 8 pin.



Can't read the nameplates on the motors... Need good closeups so can read chip numbers on the boards and so forth.

I had to look the other day. 3-phase stepper motors have 3 wires. Yours have more. You will have to check them out with an ohmmeter. One of the 7 may be a ground wire.


Hopefully this image is better

Easier to read the text, but not what most people would call a closeup is it?

The left hand motor part number found me this page which seems useful: HP RM1-5051 fuser motor

The rh motor part number doesn't seem to turn up anything very useful

You haven't shown both sides of the PCB.