BLE 2 connects

Just wondering if it’s possible for an App (IOS and Android) is able to simultaneously connect to 2 different BLE boards... and have ‘dialogue’, passing and receiving data from either.

I’m sure it’s possible but just wondering if anyone has done it.


BLE is Bluetooth right ? as far as i know bluetooth pairs 2 devices for communication, not 3 (or they would not be pairs)

My phone can connect to hifi and also an arduino board at same time ... so 1 ‘paired’ with 2.

then all is possible :slight_smile:

Your reply #2 is nonsense and you deserved the answer you got in reply #3. However, it is possible for a Bluetooth device to connect to more than one, but not necessarily at the same time. This is more easily accomplished with a full bottle BLE device. Either way, by the way you frame it, this is a phone problem, not an Arduino problem. An Arduino exercise would be having a master run a network, probably not with bluetooth, and have a single bluetooth channel to the phone.