BLE (Bluetooth Low energy), Master - Slave Setup.


If any one has worked on BLE based Master-Slave Communication project then please share insights.

I want have totally 5 BLE Devices as "End Nodes" and 1 BLE device as a "Master/gateway".
The End Nodes will be sending data to the Master/Gateway node or Master/Gateway node will be requesting an data from the End nodes.

I have tried 1-1 communication between BLEs using Arduino + HM10(Module).

But, not sure how to approach the Many to one or one to many communication pattern.

How will master and slaves read or look for the UUIDs, get connected, collect data and switch to next BLE.

Please help with some insights on this.


I guess you need to turn of the power to BT in the hub, and then reapply it, This will put it in AT mode, thereby enabling you to reconfigure it to talk to a different slave. You might also consider using an NRF network, which is more suitable for this sort of thing.