BLE Connection to Arduino

I own a "Ring Scanner" (Eyoyo, ASIN: B08D6H6ZXW) which reads bar codes and can send its data over BLE to a PC/IOS/Android device when it is properly paired. I have this working. I believe the Eyoyo advertises itself as an HID device.

I can connect to the Eyoyo using BluePunch on IOS or Android, however I can't read any data when I scan a bar code. I scan a bar code but I get nothing on any of the services that are available. I'm guessing this is because the Eyoyo not being recognized as a serial device, but that's just a guess???

Is there a way to have some controller, ideally ESP32, read the data coming from the Eyoyo BLE Ring Scanner?

I do not want to connect any of this to a PC. I'm not trying to create a HID device... I want to use the data from the Eyoyo as input to the Arduino/ESP32 (or similar).

Any help, suggestions, etc is greatly appreciated!

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