BLE control using NRF toolbox Genuino101

Help me Please!!!! :( i want to use RSC monitoring (Nrf toolbox) with genuino 101. please show me about the source code(arduino ide) to sent sensor data from genuino 101 to Nrf toolbox. Thx :)

If you are looking for some assistance you should first tell us what RSC monitoring is and what the Nrf toolbox is.

Links to datasheets or documentation would be a big help.

Then you should tell us what help you need.


Thanks for your reply robin2 :) NRF toolbox is one of android mobile aplication that used to some monitoring activitiy such as Cycling Speed and Cadence, Running Speed and Cadence, Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Health Thermometer Monitor, Glucose Monitor and Proximity Monitor. link reference: NRF toolbox:


NRF toolbox use Bluetooth Low Energy Comunication. i want to connect speed sensor on genuino101 to get running speed and cadence monitoring(RSC) on NRF toolbox. But i don't know HOW TO SEND THE SPEED SENSOR VALUE TO NRF TOOLBOX(for RSC)? thanks :D

Thanks. I avoid health and exercise (and weapons). I'm sure someone else will come along.


I’ve succesfull tried HRM(Heart Rate Monitoring) by NRF toolbox using genuino 101(using Finger-clip Heart rate sensor). … :slight_smile:
This is my link reference:

but I still have not been able to RSC monitoring !! :frowning:

Maybe this link above can help anyone to help me :smiley: