BLE Mesh Network

Hi All, I'm working on a project that will have a gateway station (raspberry pi or such, master unit) and a dozen or so wireless sensor nodes. The sensor nodes will be used when needed and not always on. I'm trying to work out the hardware to build this project.

So ideally, the user will turn on a sensor node and it will automatically connect to whatever other sensor nodes happen to be on and relay it's sensor data to the gateway. This needs to be "plug n play" with the only action from the user being switching the node on.

Is this possible? If so, what hardware would you suggest. I've been looking into ESP-32 modules and tutorials but everything with BLE mesh stuff looks like you need to provision the nodes and assign them to the network - is that something that needs to be done everytime? or just once (but would need to persist through power cycling)

Looking for any general advice on this project.

Look up "self healing network" or "self adaptable network".

General FAQ: Bluetooth Mesh Networking FAQs | Bluetooth® Technology Website

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