BLE multi role on Nano 33 BLE - NRF52

I need to implement a multi role device on an 33 BLE.

Deep in the packages folder down the AppData Path I found an example for multi role.

Up in the path I found an boards.txt in

This states it is usable only with the Arduino Primo.

But this looks like as it was formaly working with old boards... why this is not implemented on the new core?

Can I make multi role work with Arduino IDE and the BLE 33?
Can I use mbed_nano BLE headers in Arduino IDE directly?

I am a embedded software developer for 10+ years... so make it complicated please... :slight_smile:
I need this for a very urgent project.

Best regards

I did some experiments a long time ago and while I got a Nano 33 BLE to work as peripheral and central, the whole system did not work reliably and I could not get the device to do anything useful on top of the simple experimental code.
Most of the mbed and BLE code is hidden inside a binary library so analysis is difficult. Without using a debugger it is even more difficult. The Arduino Nano 33 BLE has some pads at the bottom to connect a debugger.

Sounds like you might have the skills to figure this out.

There is a board from Adafruit called the Feather nRF52840 Express.

It uses a different core than the Arduino mbed core for the Nano 33 BLE. The core for the Adafruit board is available through the board manager.

There is a dual role example shown for the adafruit board. You may be able to get some ideas from it.

With the core loaded from the board manager the file path is

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