BLE Peripheral Not connecting…

I'm having trouble connecting to a specific peripheral identified as '5bf5937b-c8f4-4a82-82cf-3442ec3890cb'. I can see it being scanned, but the connect() call is failing for some reason. See attached logs.

I can connect to this same peripheral using the LightBlue app on my iPhone, so I'm not sure what's going on.

Any help to debug this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I doubt the proposed code compiles (no include for the BLE library and I can't see the printData() function)

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Hey. Thanks for replying. Yeah I wasn't sure if I should include the entire project just because ppl won't have access to the thing I'm trying to connect to. But yeah I've posted it here: GitHub - nickbolton/arduino-test.

have you tried running something like PeripheralExplorer to see if your Arduino does see your peripheral correctly?

can you show a screen grab of LightBlue app?

You say your peripheral is identified as '5BF5937B-C8F4-4A82-82CF-3442EC3890CB' but I see you are using this UID as a service identifier in the code

    if (!peripheral.hasService(PERIPHERAL_UUID)) {

Here's the LightBlue and PeripheralExplorer output. PE does discover my service, but so does my code. My code fails to connect to it. It's failing right before that if (!peripheral.hasService(PERIPHERAL_UUID)) { line.

what does handleConnectionChanges() shows in the Serial monitor?

I don't see any handleConnectionChanges() in the monitor.

isn't it in this function that you test for

    if (!peripheral.hasService(PERIPHERAL_UUID)) {

I do, but it never actually gets there because it's failing to connect in the section just above it. That's probably something else I'll have to debug when I can successfully connect. :slight_smile:

if (!peripheral.connect()) {
  Serial.println("Failed to connect");        

you should add more debug statements to understand better where it fails (I assume you see the "Failed to connect")

Yea I see the "Failed to connect" message. So what would you suggest to print out? I'm printing out a bunch of stuff above already. Sorry, I'm new to ArdunioBLE. It just seems like it can scan for and find my peripheral, but it's failing somewhere in BLEDevice::connect(). Is there some debugging internally that can be turned on?

I'm on my mobile at the moment

it seems like PeripheralExplorer manages to connect, right ? compare their code to yours

It does!! I don't know why I didn't try that before. Let me see if this can provide me a roadmap. Thanks!!!

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