BLE shield - Scan for bluetooth devices

Hi guys,

I am currently in the middle of my thesis project and a small part of this is creating a bluetooth tag access control. I just received my BLE Shield ( and would really find it helpful if someone could link me to code that will scan for bluetooth devices and get their id's. (A sketch would be fine too)

Thanks in advance, Jean

I am currently in the middle of my thesis project

Which generally means that YOU need to develop something new. That does not involve getting other people to give you code.

A BLE shield scanning for other Bluetooth devices is new?

That is all I need. This will ensure that what I intend to do is feasible.

Hey!! I am working on this too without success yet!

Did you manage to find a solution to scan and communicate with BLE devices around?

I can communicated with other iOS apps if I were to set my BLE to peripheral. But I have no idea on how to scan if I set it as central. I am using a BLUNO by the way.

Ended up using another shield (not a BLE one though).

Were you able to sent the 'AT' commands to the BLE and grab responses from the Arduino itself?

Due to lack on material found during my research and a tight deadline I couldn't afford to try.

So how was it done with the other shield? what type of shield worked for you?

I am using a BLUNO. Its basically an UNO + BLE.

It cannot scan other BLE. It can only communicate and connect to another BLE. Point to point connection. It does not support multi-connection at any one point of time.

Hope these info helps.