BLE to BLE Communication on AT Commands

Hi everyone.

I'm working on a project about communicating two arduinos with ble chips. One arduino has HM-11 BLE Shield while other one has HM-10.

I established a connection. But I want to change HM-10's some settings with Arduino which has HM-11. Synchronization is the problem, i guess.

Is there any one up there for giving advice or roadmap to do this successfully ?

Thanks in advance.

Try the Philippe Cantin blog. I'm sure the HM-10 is a drop-in replacement for the HC-05 that he addresses, and uses the same commands.

@Nick_Pyner thanks for the reply. I found it and read it. In my scenario, there will be more than one bluetooth module. Thus, I have to make a connection with various bluetooth modules with various times in a day. And also I must be sure to get successful connection in case of data loss. I am not very good at Arduino programming skills but I have to get over it.

I think this simply means that you have to reconfigure the polling module to talk to others. I don’t think this is too hard, but I’m not sure that means it is a good idea. I think Bluetooth is better employed talking to the outside world and the NRF24 etc., better for a network of Arduinos.

Yes you're right. I want module to behave sometimes as a beacon and sometimes as a slave bluetooth module. I guess, I have to use Millis() method to get time and if some millis are over, i must change the behaviour of the module with AT commands and Reset related bluetooth module to run new configuration. Am I right ?

I really don't know, but I would be more inclined to use an RTC.