Blend Micro 4 buttons, 4 differrent codes to be send


I got a problem with my code or my Blend Micro. As it stands, when I press a button that is defined for pin 10 it will send out the right piece of code. But when I change the hardware so the button is connected to pin 8 for example, and not change the code, it will still send out the piece of code that was for pin 10.

This is the case with all my buttons at the moment.

//Pin modes
#define PIN_10 10
#define PIN_11 12
#define PIN_12 13
#define PIN_13 13

Is what I did, but it doesn't help anything.

Is my Blend Micro broken? Or is my defining not right?

Kind regards,


I dont know what a blend micro is.. the link you provided to it isnt working :)

I dont see anything pin 8 related in what you posted?

post the full code (inside CODE TAGS)

and also a picture of your CURRENT wiring..

not what you 'think' it is. not a schematic you 'think' you followed..

but an actualy picture of your current set-up with clear images of the wiring/connections.

Post you entire program, that snippet is useless.