Blink Box

Here's a link to a simple project I just did that's more about the enclosure than the device functionality.


intresting... got any vids of it?

also, thats a pretty cool case round the thing, howd u make it?

That is a very nice looking project, well done!

I am curious to know if you tried running without the voltage step-up circuit. 3.6 volts is a fraction below the recommended voltage for running at 16mhz but I wonder if it would have worked.

Answer to mem:

I don't have any video yet, but I should make one. I made the case with a CNC milling machine. You design the parts on the computer and the machine cuts them out of the material.

Answer to big93: I just assumed it wouldn't work on the lower voltage and didn't bother trying it. I should give it a try though.