blink example isn't working

Hi all,

i loaded the blink example on my brandnew arduino uno. The result was that the RX/TX LED is just blinking at the start but not every second. ( loop, 1 second high, 1 second low )

I'm not able to fix this problem on my own. Does anyone know this problem and can help me with it?



please post the exact code you used.

Also tell us which version of the IDE you're using on which PC, post any messages from the IDE

Hi robtillaart,AWOL,

today it worked as expected, the only problem is that im working with the eclipse IDE under Linux ( Fedora ) and im not able to sketch the code to my arduino. It always say's something like "can't find "usb", after some research i found out that the Arduino IDE is still on "beta" on Linux. - is this true?

I switched to Windows - and yeah, it's working right now. Thank you for your comment!