Blink three times...

I am having a slight problem with my Uno r2. I can upload to it and the program runs. However, when I disconnect it from the power and the re-apply it it seems to have lost the program but the pin 13 led blinks three times in rapid succession, pauses, blinks three times, pauses and so on.

Now I'm just going to reload the bootloader and if that doesn't fix it replace the 328, but I'm curious to know does the signal on pin 13 mean anything? A diagnostic? And if so is there a list of the codes anywhere?



dannable: I can upload to it...

Upload what?

The 'blink' sketch, the 'blink without delay' sketch...

This is very likely to be the problem...,64256.0.html,64256.msg471812.html#msg471812

The potential solution...,64256.msg471831.html#msg471831

Thank you.

I think I might just encapsulate it in resin and use it as a paper weight in that case.