Blink wont work

This seems like a ridiculously simple problem but its frustrating me to no end. I am brand new to arduino uno and attempting to build a temp sensing circuit. I would load a program and get no response from my sensor. I checked serial monitor and nothing was printed. I am using code from

I decided to go simple and just check if I could get anything to show up on serial monitor and nothing. I went even simpler and ran blink and nothing. The 13 LED is on steady but does not blink. It only blinks when i press reset on the board or when I compile. The green light is on showing I have power to the board. I checked the com port and I am using the right one. Now I am wondering if I have a faulty board. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Does the "Blink" sketch definitely upload to the Arduino board? Do you get a "Done Uploading" message on the green bar below your code in the IDE?

If you want to test the serial connection, go with this Loop Back Test

Is that board original ?