Blinkenlight Shields will go out of stock 1st of September.

Hi everyone,

just in case someone wants to grab one of the remaining shields. I will have to remove them from the RC shop 1st of September. If anyone wants to get one you should hurry up My website / blog will of course continue.


P.S. I can not yet disclose details on the deal behind this. I can and will disclose it in 4-8 weeks though.

Hi Udo,

what a pity :(

I hope you don't have legal issues on your product?

Well, I must not disclose yet. But it is very fine with me. From a commercial point of view I lost quite some money so far. But I bought a lot of experience for it which you can not find in any text book. So I consider this a success. This is the advantage of my own projects: I can set the goals and success metrics on my own. The goal here was to figure out how to run a very small company just for the experience of running a small company. The BL shield is the product that I needed to execute on this plan.

So far I have more than 100k page hits within less than a year. I think the webpage is a huge success so far. I also learned more than I would have ever imagined about both manufacturing and online marketing.

With regard to your guess: you are right and wrong at the same time. It is a "legal issue" - but somewhat different. As I said I can not disclose this right now.