Blinking consumes less power than Bare Minimum


I am testing my Arduino Nano 33 BLE sense. I have one of these USB voltmeters.

While the the Blink sketch consumes 18.1 mAh, Bare Minimum consumes 23.5 mAh. How this can be possible?

It's possible because, unlike the traditional AVR-based Arduino boards which sit in a busy waiting loop drawing full current, the Mbed OS core the Nano 33 BLE uses puts the microcontroller to sleep when you call delay() So it's those 1000 ms delays in the Blink sketch that are the cause of the result you are observing.

Thanks @pert,

I have just confirmed it via putting Nano 33 BLE to sleep all the time, which then only consumes 18 mAh.

‘h’ not needed here.

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