Blinking eye project

I am currently working on a project that uses a small plasma globe pose as an eyeball and I would like to add an eye lid that will blink with my motion sensor. Do you have any suggestions on what motor I should use to mimic the blinking action ? I plan to construct a frame that sits on top of the plasma globe out of metal wires and make the eye lid out of a fabric or soft plastic so that the motor would not need to work too hard moving back and fourth. I am not too worried about the programming, yet. I would like to know if this is something that is plausible. Any suggestions will help. I attach a picture of the eyeball that I am using.

Some suggested reading.

here's an idea. get a real small, cheap motor and controller, something just enough to do a 360 degree turn when given a signal. Put a simple half-toothed nylon spur gear, or any gear with a gap in it. put another gear on the eyelid, then spring load the eyelid so it snaps open when it reaches the gap. This should be a cheap, straightforward solution :). cool project btw

Thank you Zoomkat and rytcd for the great suggestions! I will try that out and see where it takes me. :slight_smile: