Blinking LED at 5Khz and 7khz

Hi guys i was wondering to buy Arduino, and i have a question it is possible with arduino make LED blink at 5Khz frequency??? and also on 7Khz ??? i mean i need to make some Led blink at these frequencies…

yes (but you wont be able to see it, so have some way of measuring it)

course if thats ALL you really really really need them to do, you can accomplish this with a couple 555 timers

i have tried with the 555 timers but didnt worked well dont know why, actually i needed to do this job but im also interested in buying arduino for myself coz i really want want to program hardware

your going to need some decoupling / filtering capacitors to get it working with a 555 timer, ive got one currently running at 31.8khz with a really clean output

but yes the arduino could toggle a pin up into the low mhz range, and it od course offers you much more flexibility if your trying to implement some form of protocol