Blinking LEDs on Wemos ESP-WROOM-02

Hey guys,

So, I'm hoping someone can help me out with this, it's becoming a bit confusing why it isn't working.

Basically I have a Wemos ESP-WROOM-02 module with a built in 18650 battery holder. I'm using this board along with a bunch of 1.5v mini light bulbs to create a prop for a film. The idea behind it is running a couple of animations on the light bulbs. The code so far is perfect for the animations, I'm currently using Blynk with a ws2812 led strip connected to the D2 for data and 5V - GND for power.

With the ws2812 strip it works fine, I can target separate LEDs using the WS2812FX library. Now I'm trying to replace the strip with separate light bulbs to fit the look needed.

Now here's where I'm having trouble. The 1.5v bulbs operate find on the 3v output from the board (they're burning a little bit brighter but it's fine) I removed the strip, connected one of the 1.5v bulbs to D5 and GND and in the Blynk app created a virtual button to set D5 to HIGH and LOW in order to power the bulb. So far I've got nothing happening.

The idea is to connect 5 light bulbs to different GPIOs and replace the reference in the animation to use the bulbs instead of the WS2812 library.

Any ideas why I'm not getting the expected results?

Attached are photos of the board and the bulbs.


Those bulbs likely need more current to light up than the IO can support.
You may need to use a shift register that can sink more current, like TPIC6B595 (150mA) or TPIC6A595 (350mA).

I just checked and the bulbs are rated at 0.3A, guessing that’s too much for the GPIO to handle indeed.

Any idea if there’s a chance quick dirty solution instead of adding any more components? (tight space)

"I'm using this board along with a bunch of 1.5v mini light bulbs to create a prop for a film."

How many is a bunch?

5 to be exact.